www.improvlive365.com: Created and hosted by Tom Hall, ImprovLive 365 is dedicated to exploring, documenting, and sharing the improvisational, spontaneous creativity of life, through public performances, community based educational programs, and a daily web series.

www.intuitivemusic.dk: Carl Bergstrom-Neilsen's Website about improvised music, experimental music notations and related topics. Lots of texts, links and improvisation related topics.

www.jazzbeat.org: Jazz beat.org is a site open to self-publishers of jazz books, jazz education material, jazz lessons, CD's & DVD's, and creators of original jazz gifts and products, as a venue for exhibiting their merchandise and links to their personal websites.

www.the-improvisor.com: This site is the web presence for The Improviser, the International Journal of Free Improvisation.

www.20.brinkster.com: International Improvised Music Archive. A collection of improvisational scores, and  texts on improvised music.

www.isim.edsarath.com: The International Society for Improvised Music, a group that promotes performance, education, and research in improvised music.

www.facebook.com/tomhallfreeimprovisation: Tom Hall’s Facebook page. This page is updated daily and weekly. Join the friend group and be notified and invited to special improv events.

www.youtube.com/user/tomhallfreeimprov: This is Tom Hall’s YouTube Channel. This is updated constantly with lots of video from his concert series, “The Sessions” and Improv Live 365 Web Series, as well as improv classes and other concerts. You can also subscribe to this youtube channel, and you’ll be updated when something new has been posted.

www.aprilhall.com: Official Website of Jazz Vocalist and Singer Songwriter, April Hall.

www.clubdelf.com: The music draws from a startlingly wide spectrum of styles, including jazz, hip hop, electronica, prog-rock and dub, with the band exploring mash-ups of these diverse musical universes.

www.dbryantmusic.com: Best known for his decade-long stint with Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time band, the keyboardist and composer.